Sedgwick County Approves $200K Funding For Project Access

Feb 13, 2019

Sedgwick County commissioners approved funding and renewed the county’s partnership with the Project Access healthcare program Wednesday.

Project Access coordinates medical care and the supplies needed to treat people who are low-income or who don’t have insurance.

Program director Shelley Duncan says 810 people received treatment last year.

"We leverage donated health care in the community to help these individuals who have been diagnosed with a very serious health condition. Over 60 percent of those served are employed, but cannot afford healthcare," Duncan says.

Doctors donate their time to treat eligible patients. Hospitals donate the use of their facility. And thousands of dollars worth of medical equipment and prescription medicines are donated as needed during treatment.

Duncan says in 2018, donated hospital care was valued at $7 million; donated physician care was valued at about $2 million; and the program provided $300,000 in purchased and donated medications as well as purchased $17,000 worth of medical equipment for patients.

A community-wide network of public and private organizations identify individuals who qualify for assistance through Project Access.

Sedgwick County partners with the City of Wichita and the United Way of the Plains to provide the majority of the program’s $832,000 budget. Central Plains Health Care Partnership administers Project Access.

Commissioners voted 5-0 to provide $200,000 in funding for Project Access in 2019, the same amount as last year.

Project Access will mark its 20th anniversary in September.

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