Marginalia: Lydia Fitzpatrick

Apr 11, 2019

Lydia Fitzpatrick
Credit Erin Scabuzzo

In her new novel, Lydia Fitzpatrick tells the story of two teenage brothers--Ilya and Vladimir--who live together in Russia. While the boys have always dreamed of escape from their life in Russia, it’s only Ilya who gets to come to the United States in an exchange student program. Ilya exchanges one refinery town in Russia for another in Louisiana, and although his body has escaped the physical location, family drama will not release his heart, mind or soul.

I recently spoke with Lydia Fitzpatrick about her novel, her characters, and her process.

Here’s our conversation:


Light All Night Long by Lydia Fitzpatrick was published by Penguin Press. Fitzpatrick will be in Wichita on Friday, April 12, at Watermark Books.

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