Crowson: Trump's Name Game

Apr 19, 2018

Well, come on, everybody, and let’s play a game
Making up a rhyme from a Trump nick name
All you gotta do is look at his childish tweets
Put a rhyme together and it sounds so sweet
(And there isn’t anybody that Trump can’t insult!)

Crooked rooked mo mooked
Banana bana fo-rooked
Me-mi-mo mooked – crooked!

Slimeball rimeball mo mimeball
Banana bana fo-limeball
Me-mi-mo fimeball– Slimeball!

New York Times!
Failing railing mo mailing
Banana bana fo-railing
Me-mi-mo mailing – failing!

You gotta think less like a grown-up adult
If you wanta make a Trump insult
He put the “bully” into the “bully pulpit”
And turned the Presidency into a Twitter fit!
(And there isn’t anybody that Trump can’t insult!)

Elizabeth Warren!
Pocahantas mo mantas
Banana bana fo rantas
Me-mi-mo mantas – Pocahantas!

Comey – again!
Slippery rippery mo mippery
Banana bana fo-rippery
Me-mi-mo fiippery – Slippery!

Crazy, lyin’, leakin’, cryin’
Liddle, cheatin’, wacky, sleepy
Psycho, sloppy, fake news, leaky
(pant, pant, pant)
And there isn’t anybody that Trump can’t insult!