Crowson: Humbly Offered Advice For NPR

May 15, 2019

You're listening to me right now, so you may be aware of the latest NPR controversy: The new Morning Edition theme song.

I’ve heard the new version and all I can say is, “Well, bless their hearts.” They tried. They really did. Tried to make it more “with it” as the kids say. Unfortunately, a lot of loyal listeners are less than impressed.

Welp. You can’t please everybody. But NPR could please a few more folks if they’d take my (ahem) humbly offered advice.

Spice up the theme by adding lyrics and also, of course, some different instrumentation:

Now it’s time for Morning Edition
The time of day when you are so wishin’                for caffeine!
Their old theme gently nudged me along
The new one blare’s like a cellphone’s ringtone             Was the writer 13???

Yeah, everything changes but listen up, mister
NPR’s too old to be a hipster                 and so
Here’s my waking up song submission
The one thing needed by Morning Edition                 is a banjo!