An Artist's Perspective: Bill Goffrier

Jan 30, 2019

Wichita artist Bill Goffrier told me that he has strategically steered clear of showing his art in larger spaces.

Over the last year he has concentrated on getting his work into every local space he could manage, as directly and personally as possible, to promote his paintings to people who literally told him they were intimidated by the formal gallery scene. He says his latest show at CityArts is a chance to bridge the gap between folks he has reached through what he calls “indie-level” shows, social media postings, and the local art establishment.

I applaud Goffrier’s humble and heartfelt approach: caring less about the money than his feelings for people. And he could do it anyway he chooses because, frankly, his work is extraordinary. His paintings of Wichita scenery are executed with rich pallets and strokes. His works reflect light not unlike Edward Hopper’s paintings, and he has the ability to capture his subject matter from the most unusual angles.

And subject matter? He makes paintings of Ty’s Diner, The Burger Stand, and C&W Salvage Yard look as stunning and important as his paintings of more iconic beauties such as the Kansas Masonic Home and Friends University’s Davis Building.

And he earned his chops long ago. He studied under Wichita icons Betty Dickerson and Don Weddle, and had extensive history in Boston before coming back to Wichita in 2013.

If you are an artist you can learn something from Goffrier. If you simply want to see fine work, I think you’ll fall in love with him.

See his work on the 2nd floor of CityArts through March 20.