An Artist's Perspective: Art Of Clay

Jun 19, 2019

We collect clay work at our house, from functional pottery to earthenware sculptural objects. I’ve always been in love with the medium, but it should be noted that I am a painter only because I have never had a great ability with clay.

Mark Arts is currently hosting the Wichita National Exhibition called “Art of Clay,” and I was excited on my visit Monday.

If you go for highly stylized, highly glazed works, or life-sized human-likeness works, you will find those at the exhibit and they are extremely well done. I tend to be drawn to the work that actually shows a bit of the earthenware with minimal glazing, but there is something for everyone in this show.

I was completely taken with 2 teapots in ceramic by Stephen Heywood of Jacksonville, Florida, a pair of thick ceramic discs by Katie Idbeis of Emporia, Kansas, a totem man in earthenware by Mario Mutis of Gainesville, Florida, and a delicate ceramic vase in deep blue and salmon pink by Douglas Hein of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Also featured are Wichita artists Trish and Bruce VanOsdel, Garet Reynek, and Jennie Becker, each easily deserving to be in a national exhibition, anywhere, and at anytime.

This show had me captured and I shall return before it ends on June 29.

I wish to also note that exhibitions play very well in the large gallery at Mark Arts. The space is marvelous in all aspects and the staff obviously knows what makes for a good show. I’ve also noticed that work is seen and sells well there, which are features an artist can definitely appreciate.