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Schodorf and Kobach Spar Over Voter Citizenship Law

wikipedia.org and kslegislature.org

The forum covered several issues several times as the SAFE (Secure and Fair Elections) law, sponsored by Kobach, was attacked and defended. The law, which requires proof of citizenship for new Kansas voters, has left 22,000 would be registrants -- not so.

"And now we have 22,000 people, who are citizens, in limbo. They don't have cell phones and smart phones," said Democrat Jean Schodorf

"She says those 20,000 plus people are citizens. No they're not. We don't know. In the case of Sedgwick County alone, there have been over a dozen aliens that we have found on that list," said Republican incumbent Kris Kobach

Schodorf also accused Kobach of spending way too much time outside of Kansas, advising other states on copying the SAFE Act. 

Kobach said that his billing records show that he spent no more time per week on such activities than he would have on a round of golf.

Listen to the full forum here: