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Schodorf Challenges Kobach to Release Tax Records

The Democrat running against Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach has released her tax records to the media, and she says Kobach should do the same. Former state Senator Jean Schodorf, from Wichita, released tax returns from the last three tax years. Schodorf wants Kobach to provide his tax documents to prove how much time he spends working on immigration issues that are not related to his job as Kansas secretary of state.

"Whether he's making more money in his private practice, whether it is just a part-time job. And I think it would put the issue to rest," says Schodorf.

Kobach says he won't provide his tax information, and he called the request "intrusive." But he says he does track how much time he spends on immigration work.

"Rather than giving her the tax records I just gave her the numbers, and the numbers average out to 4.9 hours per week of my spare time doing that," says Kobach.

Schodorf's records show her income ranging from $51,000 to $136,000 over the last three tax years.