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Paul Davis Announces Economic Advisors, Plan For Job Growth

Sean Sandefur

During stops in Kansas City and Wichita on Monday, gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis announced new advisors to his campaign, as well as ideas for fixing Kansas’ lagging economy.

After visiting an elementary school in Kansas City, Paul Davis made his way to the Wichita Area Technical College. Here, he introduced two former Kansas Lieutenant Governors as his economic advisors: Republican Gary Sherrer and Democrat John Moore. Sherrer, a lifelong Conservative, said that despite his affiliation, he supports the ideas coming from Davis and running mate Jill Docking.

“I’m a big believer and share the belief with Paul and Jill, that the state has a responsibility to create a stable, sound economic environment so business can expand and new businesses can come to the state,” Sherrer says.

Kansas currently ranks 45th in the country for new business creation. To address this, Davis said that he’d create a commission that would survey the effectiveness of tax cuts.

“We’re going to make sure that this commission is stacked with experts, with economists with business people, with community leaders, with folks who really understand taxes and their correlation to economic growth,” Davis said. “And it’s going to be bipartisan.”

Davis also cited that increased funding to public education is vital to the future of Kansas’ economy.