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Paul Davis Cites High Property Taxes In Wichita Visit

Sean Sandefur
Democrat Paul Davis speaks with diners at Connie's Mexican Grill in Wichita. Davis is running against Gov. Sam Brownback in November's gubernatorial election

Democrat Paul Davis, currently a member of the Kansas House of Representatives, is running against Gov. Sam Brownback in the upcoming November elections, Davis visited Wichita on Monday, KMUW’s Sean Sandefur has more…


Gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis met with supporters at a Mexican restaurant in Wichita on Monday evening. The event was nondescript. On Davis’ mind were the same issues that are on many Kansan minds: education, the economy and rising taxes - property taxes in particular. 

“During this session and many past sessions, we have put forward proposals to reduce property taxes because it’s the tax that has gone up the most, and it’s the tax that Kansans hate the most," Davis said. "We’ve got to have somebody in the governor's office that, I think, understands that we cannot continue down his road of rising property taxes and we’ve got to have someone who’s determined to do something about it.”

A conservative led property tax break for the parents of home schooled or private school students was removed from the April school finance bill.

Kansas property taxes remain higher than most of its neighboring states.