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The Range | August 25, 2023

This week on The Range, foreign companies in Kansas you probably didn’t know were here. Also, preserving the work of a curmudgeonly Kansas artist.

Panasonic’s decision to build a $4 billion dollar manufacturing facility in Kansas that’s expected to create 4,000 jobs has been big news for the last year or so. But lost in all that hype is the fact that the state already has nearly 600 foreign companies doing business here, and they employ about 75,000 people. Businesses like Kyodo Yushi Manufacturing Americas, part of the Maize Industrial Park. The 54,000-square-foot facility is sort of hidden in plain sight, quietly turning out lubricants for the automotive industry. KMUW news director Tom Shine takes us inside the factory.

Also, for decades people have been zipping along U-S 400 through Kiowa County have been treated to a vast display of strange metal sculptures as they passed by Mullinville. Now, some of artist M.T. Liggett’s work is preserved in a building for people who want to slow down for a better look. Beccy Tanner stopped in for this month’s Hidden Kansas.

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