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1A Across America is a two-year collaborative effort to bring more local viewpoints to 1A’s national audience. Started in 2019, 1A’s production team has worked in partnership with six public media stations, including KMUW, to bring underreported local points of view and issues of importance into a national conversation through on-air discussions and interviews, field reporting and live events.1A airs weekdays from 9 to 11 a.m. on KMUW 89.1-FM. The program is produced by WAMU 88.5, and distributed by NPR.

Democratic Presidential Debates: What Would You Ask The Candidates?

Drew Angerer/Getty

Democratic presidential hopefuls will soon meet again on the debate stage. What would you ask the candidates to focus on in Kansas if you had the chance?

As part of its Across America project, 1A will use your input to guide its coverage of the debates and the 2020 presidential campaign. 

1A Across America is a collaboration between 1A and six public media stations across the country, including KMUW. The intent is to incorporate more local and regional voices into the national conversation leading up to the 2020 elections.

You can hear 1A weekday mornings at 9 on KMUW.