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00000179-cdc6-d978-adfd-cfc6d8c70000KMUW music hosts Jedd Beaudoin and Chris Heim share their selections for the best music releases of 2020. Join our music programs throughout January 2021 for a month-long feature highlighting the Best of 2020.

Strange Currency's Best Local/Regional Releases Of 2020

Courtesy the artists
"My Getaway" from Dustin Arbuckle & The Damnations, "Thank Goodness" by Kill Vargas and Dusty Grant's “Up From Here” ";s:

Best Local/Regional Albums 2020  

  1. My Getaway—Dustin Arbuckle & The Damnations
  2. Self-Acceptance Speech—Old News
  3. Forest Standards, Vol.2—David Lord
  4. Les Easterby Presents Pet Sounds—Les Easterby           
  5. Cars & Stars—Wayne Gottstine
  6. Pretend Friend & Friends—Pretend Friend
  7. Good God! I Want to be Whole—Travel Guide
  8. 5—Jim Vegas
  9. Truth & Intent—Terry Quiett Band
  10. Friends and Family—Heyleon
  11. Something To Say To You—Jordana
  12. Sun City Vices—The Ants
  13. Back To Paradise: A Tulsa Tribute To Okie Music—Various Artists
  14. Everybody’s Girl—Lindzey Butler
  15. Death From Space—Ghost Town Strays
  16. The Last Ray of Hope—The Candy Lords
  17. Birds of the Deep—The World Palestine
  18. Workin’ Woman—Jenna Rae
  19. Swagger—Uche and The Crash
  20. Papoose +—The Coma Calling
  21. Souvenir—Ben Dipper
  22. 9 Reflections—Golden Living Room
  23. Not Knowing—Moon Lagoon
  24. Live At Wave—Not Cops
  25. Psychic Weather Patterns—High Plains Drifter

Best Local/Regional EPs 2020  

  1. Thank Goodness—Kill Vargas
  2. What The Future Holds—Trent Gaddie
  3. Show Me A Smile—Milkwave
  4. Punch Me! This Is A Nightmare—Yasmin Nur
  5. From The Neck Up—Keeper
  6. Window Wonder—Enna and the Snapdragons
  7. No New Normal—False Flag ICT
  8. The People Around You—Lively Up
  9. Something Out of Nothing—NGNK
  10. Growing Pains—Faintheart

Best Local/Regional Singles 2020  

  1. “Up From Here”—Dusty Grant
  2. “Kingdumb”—The New Imperialism
  3. “Admiration”—BoldWine
  4. “Avalanche”/ “Liars”—Vehicles
  5. “Path Unknown”—J9
  6. “Vampiro”—Ghost Town Strays
  7. “Make Your Own Bed”—Jim Vegas
  8. “Ain’t Yer Mama”—Big Red Horse
  9. “What Have We Done To Our World?”— Lê Khoa
  10. “Mehtevas”—Rise Again
Jedd Beaudoin is host/producer of the nationally syndicated program Strange Currency. He has also served as an arts reporter, a producer of A Musical Life and a founding member of the KMUW Movie Club. As a music journalist, his work has appeared in Pop Matters, Vox, No Depression and Keyboard Magazine.