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Strange Currency | Best of 2018

Courtesy Conqueroo

Strange Currency--hosted by Jedd Beaudoin--airs six nights a week from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. on KMUW, bringing you new releases, old favorites and forgotten classics. 

In addition to his overall "Best of 2018" list, Jedd offers several "best of" categories this year, including reissues, local/regional releases, and EPs.

  Strange Currency: Best of 2018

  1. SASSAFRASS!—Tami Neilson
  2. Heaven and Earth—Kamasi Washington
  3. Dirty Pictures Pt.2—Low Cut Connie
  4. Only In The Dark—Jesse Ainslie
  5. Free Yourself Up—Lake Street Dive
  6. Egypt Station—Paul McCartney
  7. When It Falls—Rachel Eckroth
  8. Behold Electric Guitar—Paul Gilbert
  9. Life & Times—Neal Morse
  10. Blood Moon-Michot’s Melody Makers
  11. Here If You Listen—David Crosby
  12. Run Tiny Human—Rachel Taylor Brown
  13. Rainier Fog—Alice In Chains
  14. Dearest Everybody—Inara George
  15. The Eclipse Sessions—John Hiatt
  16. Pop-N-Downers—Hymn For Her
  17. Life Is Good On The Open Road—Trampled By Turtles
  18. Mandala Brush—Spain
  19. Monument—Galen Ayers
  20. Love’s Middle Name—Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles
  21. In Lieu of Flowers—Brian Belknap 
  22. Elastic Days—J Mascis
  23. What Happens Next—Joe Satriani
  24. Warm—Jeff Tweedy
  25. Disappearing Man—Byron Isaacs


  1. Never Let Me Down (2018)—David Bowie
  2. The Beatles (White Album, 50th Anniversary Boxed Set)—The Beatles
  3. All the Pain Money Can Buy—Fastball
  4. Frosting On The Beater—The Posies
  5. Cinema—Holger Czukay
  6. Switched On/Refried Ectoplasm/Aluminum Tunes—Stereolab
  7. Piano & A Microphone, 1983—Prince
  8. More Blood, More Tracks—Bob Dylan
  9. The Girl From Chikasaw County: The Complete Capitol Recordings—Bobby Gentry
  10. Red Rose Speedway—Wings

Best Local/Regional Releases:

  1. Forest Standards Vol.1—David Lord
  2. Stand Still—Sunshine Dreamers
  3. Hollow Bones—MariaElena
  4. One Stop—Shane Marler
  5. Building The Sun—Gooding
  6. Melter—Helen Kelter Skelter
  7. Always On My Mind—Daydream
  8. Celestial Download—False Flag ICT
  9. Equestrian Husbandry—The *its
  10. Lucky—Carter Sampson


  1. Truth Has Legs—Jenny Wood
  2. Gnosis-Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy
  3. LVRS—Remains To Be Seen
  4. Girl Anthem—Yasmin Nur
  5. We Are Wichita—The Wichita Flag
  6. The Evil Deeds of the Children of Darkness and the Apathy of the Children of Light—Living Ghost
  7. Look Alive—Master Mood TV
  8. The Howling Family—The Coma Calling
  9. Junior Retreat—Junior Retreat
  10. Pretend Friend—Pretend Friend