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Celebrating Tom Waits, Prince’s Stranger Moments And Serious Bowie Collaborators

Wednesday, December 7

We celebrate the birthday of musician Tom Waits with selections from throughout his career as well covers of some of his best-known songs from Bill Frisell and Petra Haden, John Hammond and others. 

Thursday, December 8

Blue and Lonesome is the first studio release from the Rolling Stones in over a decade. Comprised of blues covers, the record is being called a return to form by critics and fans alike. We’ll hear selections from this release as well as music from guitarist Harvey Mandel’s latest, Snake Pit.

Friday, December 9

Released in 1979, Prince’s sophomore release was a self-titled affair that contained several songs that would form the core of his most beloved recorded output, including “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and “I Feel For You.” We’ll hear selections from that release on this episode of the show as well as music from David Bowie’s Let’s Dance

Saturday, December 10

Listen for selections from The Cure’s Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me as well as brand new music from the Italian band Klimt 1918.

Monday, December 12

Released in 1994, Come served as a kind of goodbye from Prince to his fans. Engaged in an ongoing battle with his label, Warner Bros., Prince was releasing new music at a rate that confused some fans and convinced others that he was determined to destroy the musical empire he’d created a decade earlier. Though many critics panned this 1994 release upon its arrival, the record has since grown a loyal following among fans of the Minnesota musician. We’ll hear selections from the recording on this episode of the show as well as music from David Bowie’s soul and R&B influenced Young Americans

Tuesday, December 13

Listen for selections from David Bowie’s live 1974 recording, David Live as well as selections from Prince’s Sign O’ The Times effort.

Wednesday, December 14

Listen for music from Ben Dipper as well as music from David Bowie collaborators Mick Ronson, Mike Garson, Earl Slick and others.