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Cow Punks, Street Dogs And A Time To Dance

Thursday, October 1

Recorded live in the studio, Street Dogs is the first album in five years from Widespread Panic. Always known more for its live shows than its albums, Widespread Panic has managed to connect these sides of its sound for what is probably its best album to date. We’ll hear selections from that release as well as from Last Exit, the 1969 rarities collection from Traffic. 

Friday, October 2 

It’s our New Month, New Music feature. We’ll hear selections from the latest release from acclaimed singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson, Show Me Your Fangs, as well as from Paradise, the new release from the acclaimed Americana trio The Wood Brothers. 

Saturday, October 3 

Music Complete is the first album in 10 years from legendary British band New Order and by all accounts the group’s best album in two decades. We’ll hear selections from that release on this episode of the show as well as Kiko, the experimental 1992 album from Los Lobos. 

Monday, October 5

Led by former Flaming Lips guitarist Jonathan Donaghue, Mercury Rev has just released its first album in seven years. Titled The Light In You, the record features a high yield of memorable and thought-provoking songs. We’ll hear selections from that record as well as music from Harmlessness, the new recording from The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. 

Tuesday, October 6

Los Lobos has long been known for its unpredictable musical turns and 1988’s La Pistola y El Corazon is no exception. Released after the band’s massive commercial success with the soundtrack to the film La Bamba the year before, this mini LP is dedicated entirely to the Tejano and Mariachi music the band played in its formative years in and around the greater Los Angeles area. We’ll hear selections from that as well as the latest from Bob Forrest, Survival Songs. Forrest earned critical praise in the late 1980s as a member of the band Thelonius Monster but is perhaps best known for his appearance as a counselor on the series Celebrity Rehab and through the documentary Bob and The Monster which chronicles his own troubled life and work as an addictions professional. We’ll hear selections from that release as well.

Wednesday, October 7

Released in 1994, For Your Own Special Sweetheart was the first major label release from Washington, D.C.-based band Jawbox. We’ll hear selections from that recording on this episode of the show as well as music from Dinosaur Jr.’s 1993 album Where You Been.

Thursday, October 8

Listen for music from the Czech duo Dva (d-va, the Slavik word for two) as well as music from the latest release by The Wonder Revolution. 

Friday, October 9

Seen as one of the originators of the cow-punk movement of Los Angeles, The Blasters drew upon rockabilly, country music, and blues to create a unique and high-energy sound that was as influenced by the spirit of punk rock as it was by outlaw country. We’ll hear music from The Blasters’ 1981 self-titled release and … and A Time To Dance, the 1983 EP from Los Lobos, a release that captured the band’s own flirtation with cowpunk music and featuring contributions by Blasters saxophonist Steve Berlin, who would soon become an important member of Los Lobos.

Saturday, October 10

Listen for more selections from the new massive box set by the Grateful Dead 30 Trips Around The Sun and music from Los Lobos.

Monday, October 12

Released in 2006 The Town and The City is a complex collection of songs by Los Lobos, examining 20th century American immigrant stories. We’ll hear selections from that release as well as selections from In The Dark, the highly successful 1987 recording from the Grateful Dead.