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Top Albums: September 1-8

  1. Lambo Doors­­ Spirit of the Stairs (Independent)??
  2. Charmer ­­Aimee Mann Charmer (Super Ego)??
  3. Silver Age­­ Bob Mould (Merge)??
  4. Between the Ditches­­ Reverend Peyton¹s Big Damn Band (Side One Dummy)??
  5. Apologies ­­David Ramirez??
  6. Tempest­­ Bob Dylan (Columbia)??
  7. A Thing Called Divine Fits (Merge)??
  8. OST: Lawless­­ Various Artists (Sony)??
  9. Ringmaster General­­ Dave Stewart (Surfdog)??
  10. Firefly­­ The Wonder Revolution (Air House)