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Marginalia: Andrew Krivak On 'The Bear' And The End Of Mankind

Sharona Jacobs

What would a world look like where only two people remain?

Would the world really be a place ravaged by war, and covered in darkness and destruction, like so many works of fiction now imagine it? Or would nature have reclaimed everything but what the last two carry with them, sole reminders of their past?

These are the questions Andrew Krivak asked himself when he penned The Bear, a novel about a man and his daughter, the last two humans on Earth.

It’s difficult to imagine that a post apocalyptic story can be described as lovely, quiet, restorative, or with any other words that carry beauty. But those are my word choices. And I spoke with Andrew Krivak about his. Here’s our conversation:


The Bear by Andrew Krivak is published by Bellevue Literary Press.

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