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Marginalia: Benjamin Rybeck

Corby Kelly

This episode features an interview I had recently with Benjamin Rybeck. His book, The Sadness, focuses on two central characters, twin brother and sister, Max and Kelly. 

Max is a failed filmmaker and obsessive film fan; and Kelly, well, she’s a failed adult, obsessively looking for her long-deserted father. With layer upon beautiful layer stylized storytelling, Rybeck has penned a rich, smart, impressive novel about the burdens of family, the nuances of filmmaking, and the disappointments of life. Although Rybeck describes in more simple terms...

If you listened to the Marginalia commentary on-air, this is what you heard:

Marginalia, the commentary | Benjamin Rybeck


The Sadness by Benjamin Rybeck was published by Unnamed Press.  

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