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Marginalia: Diane Rehm


This episode of Marginalia is a bit of a departure from our other episodes. Normally I feature a 2-way conversation between myself and an author. But because our listeners at KMUW hear this specific author 2 hours a day every Monday through Friday, this 2-way was turned into a news feature which was broadcast on air. Who was this special author? Public radio talk show host, Diane Rehm.


Her book is titled On My Own, and she started writing it one night as she began life on her own. Her husband of 54 years, John Rehm, was on his 10th day of refusing food, water, and medication. He had been suffering with Parkinson’s disease for years.


I spoke to Diane Rehm from her studio at WAMU in Washington. We spoke about her marriage, John’s death, her career, and what’s next. Here’s the feature story that aired on KMUW. Our conversation began with the book, and how her writing of it began…

On My Own by Diane Rehm was published by Knopf.

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