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Sebelius Sets Aside $1.7 Million For Community Health Centers In Kansas

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has announced $150 million in new grant money for federally-funded community health centers around the country.

The grants--at least $55,000 each--are through the Affordable Care Act and only available to safety net clinics that are already federally funded. More than $1.7 million has been set aside for 16 community health centers in Kansas.

Sebelius says they'll use the money to help uninsured patients determine their eligibility and compare coverage options.

"This won't be easy," she said. "Many of the Americans we're trying to reach have spent their whole lives locked out and priced out of the health insurance market. Connecting them with information they need and getting them signed up for coverage is going to be a big undertaking. But it's an undertaking that has huge benefits for the American people."

Sebelius says community health centers are already serving more than 156,000 patients in Kansas.