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Sedgwick County Voters Take Advantage Of First Day Of Early Voting

Carla Eckels
Zulema Piedra waits in line to vote at the historic Sedgwick County courthouse.

Long lines marked the start of early voting Monday in Sedgwick County.

Polls opened inside Intrust Bank Arena and the county Election Office Monday morning. At 10 a.m., lines wrapped around the arena before slowing to a steady trickle around lunch time.  

“We have, at this point in time, 450 voters, so I think that’s fantastic, and we just want everybody to vote,” said arena poll worker Jane Keliher.  

She said it was helpful when people came with identification out and ready at the check-in desk.

Polls are spread out inside the arena to allow for social distancing. All voters must wear a face mask and there is hand sanitizer available.

Credit Hugo Phan / KMUW
Jane Keliher helps out with the polls at Intrust Bank Arena.

Voters are given a disposable stylus to press the buttons of the machine so no actual contact is made.

“It was quicker than expected,” said voter Shyler O’Keefe. “This is my first time voting, and I felt it was important. Plus I have more free time right now.”

Long lines also formed early at the Election Office in the historic county courthouse.

“This is one of the main ways that we have that we can actually let our opinions be known,” said early voter Diane Criner. “So for wherever (the election) goes, it’s important to at least say what I think.”

Early voting continues through Nov. 2, the day before Election Day. Additional early voting sites will open Oct. 27.

Nicole Grimes is an intern in the KMUW News Lab. She is a senior at Wichita State University's Elliott School of Communication.