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Kansas Statehouse Leaders Hope For Progress On Tax Plan

J. Schafer
KPR/File photo

Leaders in the Kansas Legislature hope to make progress on a tax plan this week. Lawmakers are back at the Statehouse for the wrap-up part of the session.

Republican Tax Committee Chairman Steven Johnson hopes they can come to an agreement on whether to repeal an income tax exemption for more than 300,000 business owners.

“I think it’d be good to get some closure on the business issue in terms of is that going to happen to them all the way back to January? The longer we go on that, the more challenging that becomes,” Johnson says.

Johnson says the biggest issue will be determining how many tax brackets to include in their plan and figure out what the top income tax rate should be.

Lawmakers are considering tax increases to help fill a budget hole totaling almost $900 million by the middle of 2019.