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Kansas Lawmakers Have Big Issues To Tackle As Session Continues

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File photo

Kansas lawmakers return to Topeka Monday for the wrap-up part of the session. They have to work on the budget, taxes and education funding. They’re slated to work for two weeks, but Democratic Sen. Laura Kelly says those are big issues to tackle.

“No, I don’t think two weeks will be enough. I’ve seen issues a lot less heavy duty than these take a lot longer to work out," Kelly said.

Republican Sen. Carolyn McGinn says she’s OK with adding another week to the schedule, if needed.

“Beyond that, I think the legislative body starts making some bad decisions, so I think we need to work very efficiently and effectively, shoot for our two week time, and if we go over a week try to get it wrapped up,” McGinn said.

Because of the big issues on the table, lawmakers have already planned to extend the maximum length of the session from the normal 90 days to 100 days.