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City Officials Make A Push To Inform Public About The Proposed One-Cent Sales Tax

City officials have announced they have produced informational handouts for November's sales tax referendum. Officials will also begin attending public meetings requesting community groups to discuss the sales tax, which will appear on general election ballots. 

The proposed one-cent sales tax would generate $397.6 million if collected over five years. City officials say if that figure is reached sooner than expected, the tax would end early. 

Funds from the sales tax would go towards a future water source, improved street maintenance, an expanded transit system, and job creation and retention efforts. 

The public meetings, an extension of ACT-ICT, are part of an effort by the City over the past few years to engage communities by trying to identify community priorities.

The four sales tax issues were among the community priorities identified through the engagement meetings, social media town halls, surveys and other community feedback efforts.

Community groups wanting to request a public meeting can contact LaShonda Garnes at lgarnes@wichita.gov or 316-268-4594.

More information can be found at www.wichita.gov/salestax.

Hugo Phan is a Digital News Reporter at KMUW, and founding member of the KMUW Movie Club. After years of being a loyal listener, he signed up to be a KMUW volunteer and joined the station's college student group before becoming a digital assistant in 2013.