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Brownback Says Wind Tax Credit Should Be Phased Out, But Not Now

Governor Sam Brownback is continuing his push for an extension of a wind energy tax credit. It helps make wind power cheaper, and it's set to expire at the end of the year.

The credit has driven the development of wind power. Brownback says the credit has a big impact on wind energy jobs in Kansas. He would like to see it phased out more slowly over the next three or four years.

"I don't disagree with those that believe this should be phased out. I think it should be, but I think just to go all of a sudden drop from 30 percent to zero in one year," says Brownback.

"You're getting basically what you're seeing right now, which is this rush to get these turbines turning December 31, midnight. And then virtually nothing new the next year."

Some critics of the tax credit have called it wasteful spending. They say it should be phased out and the wind energy industry should have to stand up on its own.

In September, the company Siemens announced layoffs at its wind turbine plant in Hutchinson. One of the reasons they cited was uncertainty about the tax credit.