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Brownback Wants Tax Credits For Wind To Continue


Gov. Sam Brownback urged the extension of the wind Production Tax Credit at a news conference Tuesday in Washington, D.C., held by the Governors' Wind Energy Coalition.

Brownback is part of the bipartisan group of governors that is working to get the tax credit extended during the lame duck session of congress that began Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters and legislators by phone, Brownback said there was almost 1400 megawatts of wind energy produced in Kansas in 2012, but the uncertainty around the credit was causing the industry to slow.

"We have virtually no new wind operations going in next year, after nearly 3 billion in investments this past year," said Brownback. "That shows just how dramatic the impact is of the Production Tax Credit."

Brownback said he knows congress wants to deal with the financial problems the country is facing, but they don't have to let the wind Production Tax Credit expire.

He said a key part of solving the country's economic issues is growing the economy and the tax credit does just that.