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Sheril Logan And Stan Reeser Re-elected To Wichita's School Board

Stephan Bisaha
KMUW/File photo

Wichita School Board president Sheril Logan won a third term Tuesday night.

Logan received about 53% of the vote against Newman University's multicultural engagement director, Joseph Shepard.

Shepard ran an energetic campaign, though he highlighted few political differences with Logan. Instead, he emphasized bringing a younger voice and more diverse perspective to the board.

Logan emphasized continuing the school board's path with its new strategic plan. After winning, Logan said she looked forward to four more years of pushing for the plan's goals.

"When I leave the board, I want to be able to say to whomever takes over that here are things that we've done," Logan said. "Here are the things and where we're going. Here's the data that says we're making improvement."

Incumbent Stan Reeser won a close race, barely breaking 50% of the vote. His opponent was retired Wichita Airport Police and Fire captain James Kilpatrick.

Reeser says he's optimistic about the coming years.

"I really think that we can make some big inroads into graduation rates and achievement," Reeser said, "and continue our whole progress that I think we've made in the last two years."