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Wichita State Submits Proposed Weapons Policy For State Review

Hugo Phan
KMUW/File photo

Wichita State University has submitted a draft proposal of its new weapons policy to a state board for review and approval.

The policies and procedures spell out what to expect when a new state law allowing concealed carry of handguns on Wichita State’s campus takes effect next July.

The university’s proposal says anyone who is 21 years of age or older, and lawfully eligible to carry a concealed handgun, will be allowed to do so in campus buildings and public areas.

There are exceptions: People won’t be able to carry a concealed handgun into a building if security measures are in place at public entrances. As it stands now, there are no university buildings that have been designated gun-free with permanent security measures in place.

The new rules also prohibit possession of other weapons and the open carry of firearms, including handguns, on university property.

The policy establishes safe possession and storage of handgun procedures, as well as the process for weapons policy violations.

The Kansas Board of Regents’ Governance Committee will review the policy at a meeting on Wednesday.


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