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Editorial Commentary: Ken Ciboski

Ciboski: Words Of 'Warning'


After reading the book, “A Warning,” by a senior Trump administration official who discusses many facets of Donald Trump’s behavior as president, I agree with the author’s conclusion that Trump deserves to be fired. 

The author writes:

I cannot overstate the consequences of reelecting Donald Trump. I’ve seen the impact of his leadership on our government and country up close and all too personal. The Trump administration is an unmitigated catastrophe, and the responsibility rests entirely at his feet, the predictable outcome of assigning organizational leadership to a man of weak morals. I believe firmly that whatever benefits we may have gained from individual Trump policies are vastly outweighed by the incalculable damage he has done to the fabric of our republic.

There is something else to consider about the next four years.  The author argues how lucky we have been to avoid a monumental international crisis since Trump took office. We have not suffered a major attack against the United States or been forced to go to war, but it is only a matter of time before that luck runs out.

The author addresses the American voter: Those of you tempted to vote to reelect Donald Trump, despite the scandals and despite credible evidence of wrongdoing, might want to consider what could happen when that crisis comes.

Do we want to keep our nuclear arsenal and our nation’s military under the stewardship of a man who ignores intelligence briefings, whose credibility has been shattered, and who our national security leaders no longer trust?

Of course, the electoral outcome depends on what kind of candidate the Democrats nominate. If the Democratic candidate is too far away from the political mainstream and seems to be advocating socialism, then Trump will engage in fear mongering that could be persuasive, and his chances for a second term will rise.

We don’t now what the final 2020 ballot will be, but voters should consider making a change.