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Wichita Police Investigating Possible Dog-Fighting Ring

Ark Valley Fire Buff
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The Wichita Police Department is investigating a potential dog-fighting ring after seizing three pit bulls from a residence in central Wichita yesterday.

Police took the dogs, along with a rabbit, to the animal shelter after coming across evidence of possible dog fighting at a home near 13th and Chautauqua. They were in the area investigating a separate crime. No arrests have been made.

Officer Charley Davidson says police recently received training from the Kansas Humane Society specific to dog fighting, and how to recognize the signs. He says the public should call 911 or the department’s animal services division if they see anything suspicious, such as large-diameter logging chains attached to dog collars, and dogs with scars on their face or neck.

"Some of these things are just evidence that could be evidence of possible dog fighting ring, or dog fighting occurring at a location," Davidson says.

He says other signs include tethers attached to fencing, dead animals in a home's yard, and large groups of dogs coming and going from a house with a crowd of people.


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