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Chamber Of Commerce Wants To Preserve State Tax Cuts

The Kansas Chamber of Commerce says that in the 2014 legislative session, it will push to protect recently-enacted tax cuts.

The organization released a survey Tuesday of businesses in the state, showing that 57 percent of businesses say the taxes they pay are too high.

Former Kansas House Speaker Mike O'Neal is the president and CEO of the Kansas Chamber. He says some businesses may not have felt the impact of recent tax cuts yet.

“The business man who’s looking at the bottom line isn’t sitting there segregating out what part is income tax, what part is this or what part is that. It’s 'what is my bottom line looking at and what are the components that contribute to that,'” O'Neal says.

A spokesman for the group that conducted the poll says the result may have something to do with the ongoing debate on Kansas taxes in recent years. All the tax talk may have spurred business owners to examine the taxes they pay more closely.