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Chamber Survey Suggests Strong Support For Tax Cuts

Results from the 10th annual Kansas Chamber CEO Poll were released Wednesday. The Chamber uses the results to assist in developing its agenda.

Project Director Pat McFerron says the survey showed strong support for continued state tax reform.

"Twenty-nine percent of Kansas business owners say that taxes are their top concern," says McFerron.

"It's the same percentage that we had last year and again, for 10 years it's been a top concern and this is asked at the start of the survey without us mentioning anything else."

McFerron says results also show some Kansas businesses expect their workforce to increase.

"Nineteen percent saying they are going to increase this year," he says, "we're still at 12 percent saying their going to decrease. That's an improvement over last year where it was 15."

McFerron says there is optimism and that businesses think Kansas is starting to go in the right direction.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents said state government spending should be cut by more than 5 percent before raising any taxes. 

The survey also revealed strong support for a bill that would stop public unions from making automatic paycheck deductions for political advocacy.

Small businesses employing less than 10 workers made up 81 percent of the survey respondents.