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Art Review

An Artist's Perspective: 'The Mountains Are Calling'

For many the mountains signify wayward abandon and escape. For others, an elevator to spiritualism or an ever upward path to enlightenment. The clergy will always write that they are the handiwork of God.

Mountains have always been classic subject matter for painters but it’s a deft hand and thoughtful spirit that doesn’t unwittingly create another Thomas Kinkaid, flooded with ethereal light, or, forgive me, a Bob Ross, with happy little trees.

Fifteen nationally prominent artists specializing in artwork of the Rocky Mountains have come together in Wichita on the invitation of The Reuben Saunders Gallery and offer a show that is frankly, breathtaking.

In paintings one will find amazing colors in dusty greens, butterscotch light, and deep grey darks. A plethora of painterly approaches and brush strokes that let me know that these chosen artists are painter’s painters. Some crisp woodblock prints and a few etchings round out the show. I found my favorite piece in Stuart Loughridge’s small oil on panel titled “Afternoon Light, Winter.” The chalk-grey/green trees with off-white snow and peaks in the distance made me think of the Rockies in New Mexico light, and long for a pinion pine fire, even in June. The painting is perfection.

“The Mountains Are Calling” is at Reuben Saunders through Sept. 14.