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After Trump Kills TPP, Farmers Look For New Deals


Farm groups are urging President Donald Trump to go back to the negotiating table after he pulled the U.S. out of a landmark trade deal.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was expected to be worth billions to U.S. farmers in exports to 11 other countries along the Pacific Rim.

Now that Trump has killed that deal, the agriculture industry is eager to see what the new administration can negotiate.

Dave Salmonsen with the American Farm Bureau Federation says one option is to deal one-on-one, starting with Japan.

"We certainly want the administration now to turn to how do we make up the essential exports that aren’t going to be occurring because of TPP, because of the lower tariffs. Better standards, we think, would help us," Salmonsen says. "How do we make that up?"

U.S. farm exports were worth $130 billion last fiscal year.