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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Jason Teubner

Tricia Demmers

Jason Teubner has performed in a variety of Wichita bands for over a decade now, including Ophil and, more recently, The Great Plains, with his wife, Maria Elena. Here, he discusses one of his more unlikely—but fulfilling musical projects.

“[While teaching English in China] I was asked to create children’s music for this curriculum that we were using in our school, so with the help of my wife we made about 35 or 40 childrens’ songs.

These songs were geared toward pretty low-level, basic English. So, when I talk about the curriculum, I’m talking about making sounds with your mouth. Like, learning the letter B.

Then, what are three words that begin with B and teaching those words. It’s a little bit of pronunciation, a little bit of vocabulary. Some of the songs that we did were focused more on that phonetical part. Whereas others were more like storytelling—using those three words and putting them into a story.”