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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Joal Cachero

Trisha Weilert

Joal Cachero performs and records under the name Golden Living Room. Golden Living Room has three releases to date available via This Ain't Heaven Recording Concern. Cachero will issue two split releases in the coming months, including one with Dreamcrusher.

My name is Joal Cachero and my primary musical project is called Golden Living Room.

I was very influenced by video game music--a lot. I liked the way it sounded.

People are calling it vaporwave.

When you're in areas of these video games you're fighting a boss or running through a field, there's this music that's going in the background that's always there. It's not meant to be sat down and listened to.

You take that music and you act very intentionally with it. The purpose of it then is no longer to be a background sound. It's more to be listened to. But it's very abstract at points. Sometimes hypnotic to the point of wanting to go to sleep.

I always say, 'If you're going to listen to this, listen to it while you're wanting to go to sleep or wanting to meditate or wanting to feel weird.'