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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Bruce Huss

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Bruce Huss has released three albums to date, including Migration Day, Acoustical Romance, and My Father’s Son. In addition to being an award winning reporter and photographer he has placed as a top three winner at the Kansas Fingerstyle Championships. His music brings together elements of guitar masters such as Tommy Emmanuel, Stephen Bennett and Chet Atkins. Website:

My name is Bruce Huss I’m an acoustic solo guitarist, a fingerstyle guy and a singer-songwriter.

I like the intricate art of putting together a bass line and a chord structure and maybe a little lead part at the same time. I really enjoy that. I write songs that way and I put together songs from other people that way. That’s the part that interests me the most.

Out of college, I ended up in the work place. Music took a back seat. I ended up at channel 3 here in Wichita. I was a reporter/photographer. I had a little segment called ‘Huss and Company.’ I did over a thousand human interest stories in about 13 years, I believe and absolutely loved it.

When I finally left and my wife and I put our own business together, I said, ‘Hey, I have some time again, maybe I’d like to play.’ I started performing again maybe eight-10 years ago and I’ve never stopped. I had no idea I missed it so much until I went back and started playing again.

The first band I was in played old Beatles-Stones songs, then I was in one that played West Coast psychedelic Hendrix-Doors kind of stuff. Then a show band back in the Flippers era with brass and dance steps and everything. So I really got to see the whole thing within music. It was so wonderful at that time there was so many different kinds of music flowing through.

What I really like about the guitar is that it is so versatile. I have played classical guitar for people doing senior recitals or I’ve played Hendrix in a dive and everything in between. You can’t do that on every instrument—keyboards, maybe—but I like that it’s so versatile.