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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Kyle Cramb

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 Kyle Cramb (born 1983, Wichita, Kan.) played guitar in progressive post-rock bands between 2000-2006, then established a love for drum machines, sampling and programming.

He's said composing music with the aid of computers instead of other band members made sense to him because he didn't have to rely on someone else to be available. Drum machines and samplers had good timing and were at his fingertips, which he found liberating.

Eventually, he grew tired of recording "normal" rock music sounds of bass, guitar and drums, so he started recording anything that made musical tones.

In 2007, Cramb established his studio solo project, The Coma Calling. Since 2009, he has released a number of limited run EPs onto the Internet for free.

My name is Kyle Cramb I’m an experimental electronic music producer and composer. I’m also the sole member of The Coma Calling.

My love of music started with playing guitar. I still compose on the instrument, mainly. I was very interested in ‘90s Seattle grunge scene music.

I kind of became disenchanted with rock music as time went along. I started getting more interested in experimental music such as Radiohead’s Kid A, Bjork’s Vespertine, TV On The Radio’s Young Liars, Tortoise’s Standards.

If you can record sound you can basically make music out of anything that you want.

On my most recent effort, As The Trees Slept, I did a lot of experimenting with acoustic instruments, bringing them in and mixing them with more an electronic flair.

I believe that “Zhivago” off of As The Trees Slept is one of the best tracks that I’ve ever produced and the closest to what I would like to continue with. I very much enjoy soundtrack music and feel that it can actually pull at the heartstrings of most people.