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Heat Advisory For Wichita In Effect Until Saturday


The Wichita area is under a heat advisory until Saturday. Medical professionals advise caution during extremely hot weather.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion may include heavy sweating, rapid pulse, dizziness and cramps as result of your body overheating.

Lisa Corr, an advanced EMT volunteer in Clearwater, says it's important to be aware of these symptoms, especially as temperatures continue to rise.

"Working out in this [weather], you can get heat exhaustion, and if that continues, it turns into heat stroke," Corr says.

Credit Courtesy photo
Advanced EMT volunteer Lisa Corr

Corr says heat stroke is a serious medical condition requiring immediate attention. She says it's important to stay hydrated and limit physical activities during extreme heat.

Other ways to keep cool: Take cool showers, not hot, for any muscle cramps, and use a cold towel for relief.

"Dampen a towel put in the freezer and put it around your neck," Corr says. "If you've got fans, sit in front of the fans."

Infants, toddlers and the elderly are especially vulnerable to excessive heat.


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