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City Of Wichita Mulls Over Public Land In Delano


The City of Wichita is trying to decide what to do with two publicly-owned pieces of land in Delano.

The two parcels, called Catalyst A and B, are well positioned. To the north, the City of Wichita is building its brand new Advanced Learning Library. To the east, construction is ongoing for the River Vista development, a 204-unit apartment complex on the banks of Arkansas River.

Catalyst A is likely going to become a mixed-use commercial district. It was suggested by city council members back in 2001 that Catalyst B become a city park. But because valuable commodities will soon surround the area, the city is leaning towards developing both sites for commercial use.

Delano Neighborhood Association president Vincent Hancock told the city to keep their promise.

“The best solution, we feel, is for Site A to be sold for commercial development, and have the management of site B transferred to the parks department,” Hancock says.

City officials say a compromise could be met by requiring a large, public gathering place be included in any potential development.


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