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Wichita Transit To Roll Out Significant Service And Fare Changes

Sean Sandefur

Wichita Transit is rolling out changes to its bus system this Saturday, and will offer a week of free rides so people can get used to the routes.

After holding a series of public forums to gather input from riders, Wichita Transit has made a number of tweaks.

One change is so-called designated stops. In addition to the current bus stops, thousands of street signs have been added along routes so riders can flag down buses closer to home or work.

They’ve also added a route on Grove Street and extended the ones that run on both 13th and 21st Street.

Transit Director Steve Spade says the best way to learn the new system is to take advantage of a week of free fares.

“The system has changed so significantly that folks are just going to have to get a schedule, plan a trip and see how it affects them,” he says.

Spade says the new system will help buses run on time and get riders to their destination quicker.

Transit has also added a mobile app to its capabilities. Riders can keep track of where their bus is in real time, and figure out how to get to different parts of the city.


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