Riverbend Rehabilitation

At a Kansas City, Kansas, nursing home, employees tested positive for COVID-19 and went back to work the next day.

Health workers cared for residents who had tested negative for the virus in the same gowns and masks they’d worn into the rooms of those who’d tested positive.

“I wash my hands,” a nurse told inspectors. “But I wear the same PPE.”

At least eight lawsuits have now been filed against Riverbend Post-Acute Rehabilitation, the Kansas City, Kansas, nursing home where 132 patients and staff have tested positive for COVID-19 and 36 have died.

Attorneys representing the nursing home on Tuesday transferred all eight cases to federal court in Kansas City, Kansas. They had originally been filed in Wyandotte County District Court.

Brighton Gardens of Prairie Village, a Kansas nursing home that is the site of a cluster of COVID-19 cases, was sued Monday for the wrongful death of one of its residents.

The lawsuit was filed by the family of Gordan Grohman, who was 88 when he died on May 1. It's the first of what is expected to be more such suits against Brighton Gardens.

“This is not just a failure of one employee, one nurse or anything like that. This goes all the way to the top,” said attorney Rachel Stahle.

The family of an 87-year-old man who had been in the Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation for just a month before the it was ravaged by the coronavirus has filed a lawsuit against the facility.

Okey Long of Kansas City, Kansas, died on April 17, after COVID-19 took hold in the facility. So far, Long and another 26 people have died there. Long was in a “frail, defenseless, and dependent condition,” and Riverbend failed to protect him, the lawsuit alleges.

Ina’s Beauty Boutique was a regular appointment for ladies in Kansas City and beyond, a tiny shop where the mighty Ina Knox did hair for nearly 40 years.

Her eight children knew papa was a rolling stone, daughter Toni Gayle remembers, but Knox made sure the kids didn’t feel their father’s absence. Gayle describes her mother as “a bear.”

“She has that spirit of a bear, that endurance, you know? That keep-on-pushing,” Gayle said. “My mom’s been through a lot in her life.”

She’s still going through a lot.

To hear Donna tell it, she may have the “19,” but she’s doing just fine, thank you.

Donna is an 82-year-old resident of Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation, a Kansas City, Kansas, facility that appears to have the largest cluster of COVID-19 cases in Kansas.