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Pots and Pans


Today I'm going to talk about how to buy a pot. Not the Colorado kind, but the kind we use to cook food in. Cooking pots make me feel safe and happy and like all is good in the universe.

When looking for a good pan or pot, first find one with a good heavy bottom. Let it be hefty and feel good in your hands. I like stainless steel. I also love enameled ones, like Le Creuset. The heaviness of the bottom will keep food from scorching, especially if you're going to be simmering for a long time.

I buy most of my restaurant ware from AAA Restaurant Supply. I always feel it is better to go commercial than for fancy brands. Restaurant equipment is made to last and take a beating.

At home I have a sauce pan, a sauté pan, a smallish soup pot, a big soup pot and a really big stock pot. I have an enameled Dutch oven that I use for roasts. I bought everything at the restaurant supply or found it at a garage sale. I also have one nonstick pan that I use for omelets. Nothing else.

That's it. Nothing is fancy or really expensive; good materials, brands don't matter. If I have to throw a pan at someone, I want to be able to replace the pan.