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Restaurant Review: Sumo



I recently went to Sumo, by the Warren East Theatre. It happened to be during prom night, so the restaurant was extremely crowded. Sumo is a teppan-yaki style grill and sushi bar, serving really neat sushi combinations and delicious grilled meat and seafood.

If you have never been to a Japanese teppan-style restaurant, you can expect a show with your meal. One is seated around a large flat top grill, orders are taken, and the chef comes out to cook your food right in front of you. You pick your protein or vegetables of choice and then he goes to town.

Each chef has a slightly different style and script, but essentially puts on both a comedy routine and an acrobatic ballet while cooking with lots of fire and steam. As we were watching, our chef cracked and egg with a spatula, tossed a bowl into his hat, and kept up a stream of hilarious repartee while getting everyone’s order correct. At one point, he smashed a shrimp on the grill and tossed it at everyone at the table, so they could try to catch it like trained seals. Mine ended up in my bra. The prom girls weren’t super thrilled, but it was pretty funny.

I ordered steak and chicken, and it came perfectly cooked and seasoned, with two dipping sauces. The meat was delicious, as were the vegetables and fried rice that come with the meal. You also get a small salad with ginger dressing and miso soup, a nice starter.

The service is fast and excellent, and the entertainment is fun. If you aren’t into the grill action, you can order in the dining room. The sushi is amazing as well!