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Steak At Stake

Naotake Murayama, flickr Creative Commons

We live in an area that really loves beef, especially steak. If one is a beef eater, a good steak is the preferred choice, whether dining out, or when cooking at home. I recently took an informal poll on social media and (like the cheeseburger poll I did last time), received hundreds of excited responses.

According to my responses, the ribeye is the favored cut. A ribeye is a well-marbled cut from the center of the rib section of a side of beef. It is rich, meaty, and takes well to all kinds of cooking. Charcoal grilling seems to be the cooking method of choice, to get a good char on the outside and a tender, juicy interior. Filet, a tender, less marbled cut from the hind end of the loin, is the next favorite. Many add fat and flavor by wrapping it in bacon, or adding a sauce or compound butter after cooking.

Medium rare is by far the most popular temperature. That means a nicely browned exterior, with a warm, red/dark pink center. Medium runs close to medium rare, a temperature that produces a hot pink center. A few love a rare steak, with a cool red center. I only charted a few people who wanted a well-done steak, the bane of all chefs. Why cook a beautiful cut of meat to a cinder? I’m all about making customers happy, but a well-done steak often ends up in the microwave before it is served. Not all restaurants do this, of course, but it is common in the industry.

So, after my research project, I went to the venerable Town and Country, 4202 West Kellogg Drive, to try what many recommended as one of the best ribeye steaks in Wichita. I was not disappointed. Retro to the core, Town and Country serves perfectly cooked, well-seasoned steaks, with no-frills sides and friendly service. My medium-rare steak was juicy, flavorful, and exactly right, with a baked potato and a salad with ranch. It was a delicious, and a wonderful value.