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Night Train Top 40 For September

  1. Kyle Asche Organ Trio – Five Down Blues (Cellar)
  2. Antonio Adolfo – Forever Jobim (AAM)
  3. Ray Obiedo – Latin Jazz Project Vol. 2 (Rhythmus)
  4. Night Crawlers – Do You Know A Good Thing? (Cellar)
  5. Roy Hargrove/Mulgrew Miller – In Harmony (Resonance)
  6. Roseanna Vitro – Sing a Song of Bird (Skyline)
  7. John Chin – Anything Mose! (John Chin)
  8. Gerry Gibbs – Songs from My Father (Whaling City Sound)
  9. Jenny Klukken – Color in Motion (Jenny Klukken)
  10. Pat Coil – How Deep is the Ocean (Burton Avenue)
  11. Lauren Henderson – Musa (Brontosaurus)
  12. John Stein – Serendipity (Whaling City Sound)
  13. Rahsaan Barber – Mosaic (Jazz Music City)
  14. Kendall Carter – Introducing Kendall Carter (Lladnek Music)
  15. Bill Evans – Everybody Still Digs Bill Evans (Craft)
  16. Bruce Harris – Sound View (Cellar)
  17. Leon Lee Dorsey – Freedom Jazz Dance (JazzAvenue1)
  18. Simon Moullier Trio – Countdown (Fresh Sound New Talent)
  19. Evan Arntzen – Countermelody (Dot Time)
  20. Amber Weekes – Round Midnight Reimagined (Amber Weekes)
  21. Harvie S Trio – Going For It (Savant)
  22. Jared Hall - Seen in the Scene (Origin)
  23. Julian Lage – Squint (Blue Note)
  24. Behn Gillece – Still Doing Our Thing (Posi- Tone)
  25. Alexa Tarantino – Firefly (Posi-Tone)
  26. Mike LeDonne – It’s All Your Fault (Savant)
  27. Hays Street Hart – All Things Are (Smoke Sessions)
  28. Rale Micic – Only Love Will Stay (Whaling City Sound)
  29. Jeremy Monteiro – Live at the No Black Tie (Jazz Note)
  30. Graham Dechter – Major Influence (Capri)
  31. Paxton/Spangler Septet – Anthem for the New Nation (Eastlawn)
  32. Joe Farnsworth – City of Sounds (Smoke Sessions)
  33. Jennifer Wharton’s Bonegasm – Not a Novelty (Sunnyside)
  34. Gemmy Sherry – Music to Dream To (Tunley)
  35. Hazel Mitchell-Bell – Sack Full of Dreams (Hazel Mitchell-Bell)
  36. Art Hirahara – Open Sky (Posi-Tone)
  37. Al Williams Jazz Society – Then and Now (Al Williams)
  38. Yoron Israel – New Dreams (Ronja)
  39. Kenny Garrett – Sounds from the Ancestors (Mack Avenue
  40. Ward, Cassidy, Halim – Altoizm (Afar Music)
Chris Heim produces and hosts Global Village, a nationally and internationally distributed world music show; the nightly jazz show Night Train, and Crossroads, KMUW’s twice-weekly blues and R&B show. Chris is also a critic and freelance writer whose work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Utne, Global Rhythm, Dirty Linen, and Option, among others.