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Richard Crowson: Temples For Our Celebrity Gods

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We don’t really have any hills here in Wichita so we couldn’t erect our Greek Temple to the Celebrity Gods up high where everybody could see it. But downtown was as good a place as any, better than most, for its location.

Celebrity worship continues to be one of our most popular religions. So it is that we find our modern equivalent of the Greek Temple, the downtown Intrust Arena, about ready to open its doors to that fervent flock, the Adorers of the Blessed People Magazine Cover Subjects.

We will dutifully make our pilgrimage to that temple and offer up our sacrificial dollars. In return the gods will smile upon our upturned camera phones and perhaps bless us with a few showers when our crops are parched.

Just kidding about that showers thing. Celebrities can’t really control the weather (yet). But they can give us a sunnier disposition as our egos get happy and all gratified just from being in the very proximity of our beloved glossy gods.

All right, maybe I should drop the metaphor at this point. I sound awfully sarcastic, don’t I. Especially considering the fact that I am a supporter of the downtown arena and am delighted that its here. We all have a stake in its success.

But didn’t it deserve more than the crazy-quilt parking non-system that it has? That represents a missed opportunity on the part of arena planners, if you ask me. Expensive off-site parking could be a deal-killer to some potential ticket-buyers.

Probably won’t deter the devout celebrity worshipers, though.Wonder if they had problems parking their chariots around those ancient Greek temples…

Richard Crowson is not only a editorial commentator for KMUW. He's also a cartoonist, an artist and a banjo player.