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Islamic Society of Wichita Spokesperson Speaks About Recent Events

Hugo Phan

The Islamic Society of Wichita has a history dating back to the 1970s. Now, Wichita's Muslim population numbers as many as 10,000. Spokesperson and board member Hussam Madi recently spoke with KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc.

“There is no justification to the reaction that they took. Whoever they are or whatever they claim that they are – they interpret things in their own way."

"There is no justification anywhere in the faith itself, from cover to cover in the Quran, that says that the killing is justified. Even the Prophet himself, peace be upon him, he was ridiculed, he was made fun of, in his time. They would mock him and he never responded in the fashion that is being responded to in these days."


"He told us: ‘Do not make a drawing of me. Do not idolize me. Do not make a sculpture for me.’ So we don’t become connected to his image. He only came with a message." 

"What he did when somebody ridiculed him -- we have so many examples."

"He had a neighbor lady who would throw thrash on his doorstep everyday. He would pick up the trash and take it away - not back to her. One day, she did not leave any trash and he knew something was wrong. He went and knocked at her door and it turns out she was sick so he made a prayer for her to get well."


"The City of Wichita has been very supportive (of the Islamic community.) There are definitely some times where you will get some (difficult) people. But we feel that comes from a lack of knowledge. Not knowing the person across from you creates that prejudice or discrimination that comes along with it."

From the Islamic Society of Wichita website

"The whole world, including the Muslim world, is being hurt by these groups. But I hope we don’t let a small group (ISIS, Al-Qaeda) diminish the image of the rest of the billion and a half of believers (in our religion.)”