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U.S. House Members From Kansas Follow Party Lines In Impeachment Investigation Vote

Liam James Doyle

Kansas representatives in the U.S. House voted along party lines on a resolution Thursday that will allow the impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump to continue.

Republicans Roger Marshall, Steven Watkins and Ron Estes voted against the resolution.

Sharice Davids, a Democrat, voted in favor of the impeachment inquiry.

Thursday’s vote approved the procedures the House will follow as weeks of closed-door interviews with witnesses evolve into public committee hearings and — almost certainly — votes on whether the House should recommend Trump's removal.

The vote was 232-196 with three Republicans and one Democrat not voting. Every Republican voted against the measure, and they were joined by two Democrats.

Here are statements from the Kansas delegation about the vote:

Ron Estes, Republican, 4th District

“For nearly five weeks, House Democrats have conducted an unauthorized impeachment inquiry behind closed doors and without due process for Republican Members of Congress and the president. Today, the majority has put forward a resolution to retroactively condone these actions and continue the process, still under biased rules that ignore the Constitution and precedent.

"Unlike previous impeachment proceedings, the impeachment inquiry of President Trump began without a vote on an approved bipartisan resolution or special counsel investigation, has not allowed the president's counsel to participate, and implemented different rules for minority Members regarding subpoenas and witnesses.

"Although many have searched for a way to impeach President Trump since the day he was sworn-in, House Democrats have botched this process from the start.

“With just 16 legislative days left this year, Congress should focus on priorities like USMCA and funding our troops instead of a baseless impeachment. I voted against today's resolution because the American people deserve better."

Roger Marshall, Republican, 1st District

"I have never felt more ashamed and troubled by a body of which I am part. I will vote NO on today’s resolution.

“This entire process has been and continues to be a sham and a kangaroo court. This resolution is just another way for Democrats to deceive the American people, and to focus on impeachment over doing what’s best to make the lives of Kansans better. It is a partisan charade.

“Today’s vote allows the highly partisan Adam Schiff to continue to operate in secret. Neither the President nor House Republicans are given the right to subpoena witnesses and documents. Instead, it only allows Republicans the right to subpoena witnesses and materials with the concurrence of Schiff, and with the requirement that such subpoenas be 'deemed necessary to the investigation' by Democrats. This resolution anoints Adam Schiff judge, juror, and prosecutor.

“Every American deserves a fair and due process. In today's resolution, the President is denied that right. This Soviet-style process makes a mockery of our constitution, and the will of our Founding Fathers. Kansans can see it for what it is – a political stunt by desperate politicians to reverse the will of the 63 million people who voted for President Trump."

Steve Watkins, Republican, 2nd District

“House Democrats cannot come to terms with the results of the 2016 election and are in-turn trying to impact the results of the 2020 election. Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi continues to carry out soviet-style meetings in (Adam) Schiff’s secret bunker.

“This resolution is about unilateral control and further proves this entire process has been a sham from the start. As one of the few Members allowed in Schiff's secret bunker, I will continue to push back against this illegitimate, entirely-partisan, impeachment witch hunt.” ?

Sharice Davids, Democrat, 3rd District

“The resolution I voted for today establishes an open, transparent process for the committees conducting the impeachment inquiry, which includes public bipartisan hearings. Kansans and the American people deserve to see the facts for themselves.”

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